Net//Work Digital Art Residency

In 2020 DAS was delighted to be selected to host the British Council Net//Work Residency, alongside Wysing Arts Centre, Cambridge. 

The NET//WORK Residency supports artists through four weeks of reflection, research, practice, skills exchange and professional networking opportunities focused on digital artistic practices and technologies. Net//Work was initially due to take place at the Digital Arts Studios in Belfast from mid October 2020. However, fate had other plans and due to the escalating COVID-19 crisis, the residency was postponed and would be held online. And finally, in January 2021 we were joined online by Rita Adib (Syria), Maya Chowdhry (UK), Mohamed A. Gawad (Egypt) and Tim Shaw (UK) for Net//Work Residency.

Similarly we welcomed, Kesara Ratnavibhushana (Sri Lanka), André Schütz (Brazil), Abshar Platisza (Indonesia) and Wisrah Villefort (Brazil) in October 2021 for the Net//Work 2 Residency. Through a programme of artists talks, technical workshops, peer-to-peer critiques, mentoring sessions and many, many group discussions the artists developed their individual projects, which they discussed online in the respective webinars and presented in the Net//Work Online Exhibitions. It has been a pleasure to support the artists in the creation of such diverse and superlative work, facilitating the exchange of cultural and artistic concepts.

NET//WORK Residency 1

Artists:                       Rita Adib, Maya Chowdhry, Mohamed A. Gawad, & Tim Shaw
Residency period:    18th January - 14th February 2021
Online Exhibition:     3rd May - 7th June 2021

04.05.21 - 07.06.21    NET//WORK Online Exhibition
04.05.21                      NET//WORK Exhibition Opening Event
11.02.21                      NET//WORK-IN-PROGRESS Webinar

NET//WORK Residency 2

Artists:                       Abshar Platisza, Kesara Ratnavibhushana, André Schütz, & Wisrah Villefort
Residency period:    25th October - 19th November 2021
Online Exhibition:    1st February - 1st March 2022

01.02.22 - 01.03.22    NET//WORK Online Exhibition
05.02.22                     NET//WORK Exhibition Opening Event
02.12.21                     NET//WORK-IN-PROGRESS 2 Webinar