Abshar Platisza is an Artist and Creative Technologist based in Bandung, Indonesia. In his interest of the fine intersection between art and science, Abshar sees his art as tools of problem finding. Driven by curiosity towards natural phenomenon and captivated by environmental issues, he works by traversing an interdisciplinary method involving artistic and scientific perspectives.

His work is expressed through installation, sound, video, kinetic, various types of technologies and non-human involvements as artistic materials. Abshar believes everything that exists in this world - whether it is natural or artificial - has a social context, issue representation and metaphor.Abshar was a selected artist for Rewire 2018: Aurora, Toxteth Reservoir, Foundation of Art and Creative Technology, Liverpool 2018 and finalist for NTU Global Digital Art Prize, Nanyang Technological University ADM, Singapore 2019



Usually, I always rely on physical form in my work as a form while most of my works pivot around the tension between the natural and the artificial. the following images are my attempt and exploration of the Point Clouds, a technique that brings physical presence into digital form.

I used my phone camera for taking samples from my surroundings and then  I am using software like Meshroom to translate it into Point Clouds data, after that, I can compose the Point Clouds into 3d environment in Unreal Engine. I think this method is quite suitable for me for portraying the tension.

Most of my work circulates around ecology and the tension of human-nonhuman relationships. In this residency, I explored and delve deeper into the game engines to make an imaginary landscape using point clouds assets from the real world. I am interested in urban details around me and trying to recompose them in the virtual form.