Kesara Ratnavibhushana is a visual artist based in Colombo, Sri Lanka, who works predominantly in photography.

Kesara is a visiting lecturer in Architectural History at the Northumbria University Academy of Design (AOD) and a creative liaison for the AOD/Colombo Innovation Tower. Kesara initially moved to London in 2002 to study architecture and continued his studies in history of art at University of East London.

Starting out as a photojournalist focusing on reportage documentation of events, between 2006 and 2008 Kesara was the official photographer for SHUNT arts space below London Bridge station. In 2009 he worked for the Bawa Trust archives. Since 2011 he has been Photographer in Residence for the Chamber Music Society of Colombo and completed a reportage series for Rolex SA. His current body of work encompasses three themes primarily pivoting around natural ecosystems and the built environment, in addition to commissioned photographic assignments.

His work has been presented at the Harold Peiris Gallery, Colomboscope 2017, Lionel Wendt Gallery and La Grand, Hotel, Galle and editorial projects has been published in Harper’s Bride, The Evening Standard, Architectural Review, A+U, Vogue India among others.

Kesara’s explorations during the Net//Work residency began with the idea of expanding the series 'Ascent to Orbit' / ‘Alternate Realities of New Ceylon’. This work consists of mostly architectural landscapes of his home city of Colombo, transplanted with highly exaggerated elements - primarily from NASA's astrophotography archive. Initially these were presented with a textual commentary on the social, economic and political development of Sri Lanka.

For the exhibition, Kesara presented his explorations into an upending of these landscapes via a more macroscopic rumination on the 'Fluid Normal', involving themes of impermanence and inward reflection to investigate the fundamentals of contentment and ultimately what it is that makes us happy.