Mohamed A. Gawad, betalpha (Balbalah), video still, 2018
Mohamed A. Gawad, betalpha (Balbalah), video still, 2018

Mohamed A. Gawad

Mohamed Abdel Gawad is an editor and a filmmaker based in Cairo and has worked in the independent film scene in Egypt since 2008. His work centres around research, collective practices and moving image. He is also a co-founder of Cimatheque – Alternative Film Centre.

Mohamed undertook research in preparation for his next project which will connect moments of paranoid omnipresence in relation to art and spells of madness. He will delve into the questions of bodies and embodiment, mediated through both a heritage of images, against turbulent sociopolitical moments.

For the exhibition, he visually mapped his research into the conditions that shaped a certain period of composer Dimitri Shostakovich's work, and the structural markers embedded in that period, via excerpts from his contested memoir.

Residency Documentation

Snapshots of research