Rita Adib is a multi-disciplinary artist born and raised in Damascus, Syria and is currently based between Tiohtià:ke/ Montreal and Berlin. She received her degree in architecture from Damascus University, and her degree in fine arts, majoring in sculpture from Concordia University. Her work has been shown in various solo and group exhibitions in Beirut and Montreal. She frequently works with public interventions, public sculptures and interactive installations, seeking to collapse the gap between art and viewer, time of creation and time of interaction. Her artistic practice is deeply rooted in social activism against political oppression and gender/ racial based discrimination.


Rita explored the relationship between body and time via her body and camera as recorder, asking questions like “How can time be a border? How does the body receive the time as a barrier? And Is it possible to liberate the moment from its physical space?”

For the exhibition, Rita presented her video performance and experimentation with installation and video mapping. The piece called, ‘How Can You Document the Look of a Lover?’ is a video performance by Rita that investigated the relation between body and borders and how time can be perceived as the barrier.

You can watch Rita discuss her residency project with Momentum Berlin here: https://vimeo.com/514412043

Residency Documentation

Buidling the Curved Screen

Video stills