Tim Shaw

Tim Shaw is an artist working with sound, light and communication media. Presenting work through musical performances, installations and sound walks Tim is interested in how environments can be constructed or explored using a diverse range of techniques and technologies. He works with field recordings, electronics, video, modular synthesis, sound objects, self-made hardware and DIY software. Shaw has been lucky enough to work with Chris Watson, Phill Niblock, John Bowers, John Richards (Dirty Electronics), Tetsuya Umeda, Tess Denman-Cleaver, Ryoko Akama, Jacek Smolicki and Sébastien Piquemal.


During his residency, Tim developed an augmented sound walk which explored the relationship between digital technologies and urban spaces. He also explored network latency as an artistic material, putting the infrastructures of communication technology in dialogue with physical spaces.

For the exhibition, Tim Shaw presented ‘Net Walk’, a series of online performance walks streamed to a specially made website. Net Walk explores sound, video and networked technology through walking, incorporating drop outs, distance, distortion, resolution and signal loss into the performance aesthetic. Alongside broadcasting audio and video, Tim used the walks to collect other data (images, sensor data and GPS traces) to build an archive of personal journeys during this strange moment in history.


Residency Documentation

The video below was processed images and text, gathered during Tim’s workshop for the residency artists.