Wisrah Villefort lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. Within their work, the artist incorporates sound, sculpture, text, photography, and video in installations and hypermedia works that explore the relationship between nature and capital considering modernity and colonialism. Institutional collections and commissions include Kadist, France; and Instituto Moreira Salles, Brazil.

In 2020, the artist participated in the Pivô Research residency program. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at Goswell Road, Paris, France; and GUAVA, Brasília, Brazil; and group shows at the 14th Curitiba Biennale; OLHÃO, São Paulo, Brazil; and MASSIMO, Milan. Forthcoming projects include exhibitions at SALTS, Basel; BPA, Cologne; and Centre d'Art Waza, Lubumbashi.

While the presence of plastic in our planet, and particularly its durability, is forcing microorganisms to evolve to be able to colonize its surface and new rock types are also emerging from the combination of it with mineral materials, one cannot deny that plastic is now part of our contemporary nature. In that sense, synthetic polymers can be seen as both an alien material but also humanity's longest-living progeny.

During the residency program, Wisrah conceived a sound piece exploring these themes. He exercises the practice of describing image of objects being sold on marketplaces based on the Global South, specially those made of synthetic polymers. Its presentation takes a performative format and relates both to the sound piece in progress and the ongoing hypermedia piece Mercado Livre (2017 - ).


For the exhibition, Wisrah presented the audio piece ‘Kind’ which was derived from this descriptive practice.